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The fitness industry is full of scams and overpriced gimmicks that you don't need. As a beginner you have no idea where to start and are bombarded with fad diets and complicated workouts.

Doing the research and learning the fundamentals takes A LOT of time. So, my job as a fitness coach is to help you navigate through the hype and lies and show you what actually works. 

About Me

My name is Felix Harder and I'm a certified nutritionist & fitness coach. I have been teaching online fitness courses since 2015 with over 18,000 students so far.

This special bundle gives you access to all my courses so you can build muscle, lose fat and build your dream body.

The courses will show you how to build your perfect physique and improve your fitness, nutrition & training. Just like I did when I started my personal transformation...

I Share With You Everything I Learned
During My Transformation 

Before I started teaching I went through my very own body transformation so I can promise you that I don't just know the theory but also what it's like to put everything in practice.

I know what diets are best for weight loss and what exercise will get you stronger and more muscular...

It's all included in the bundle!

Here's Are All The Courses Included In The Bundle:

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All My Courses For Less Than $1 A Day (Instead Of $281)

In total you get over 30 hours of content with 400 lessons on everything from meal planning to weight training and bodyweight exercises.

The courses are beginner-friendly and designed to be as straightforward as possible. No fad diets or overly complicated workouts. Just simple strategies that are proven to get you results.

Now, if you bought all my courses individually you'd pay several hundred bucks. But the bundle gives you access to the complete course library for less than a dollar a day.

It's by far the best deal I have on my site!

Your Bonus:
Access To All My Future Courses

As long as you stay a student of my Nutrition And Fitness Academy you get access to ALL my courses - that also includes new courses that I will launch in the future.

I come out with 1 - 2 new courses every month and you can even send me ideas or suggestions if you have a special topic that interests you.

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